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A Tribute


Margret Corinne Chrysler Saraw Sinz was born May 3, 1919 in Pittsford, New York, the daughter of Corinne Daisy Cole and Cecil Chrysler.
Charles Anthony Sinz (Chuck) was born September 21, 1922 in Butler, Pennsylvania to Alice Lucia Lambermont Picture 2of Belgium, daughter of Leopold Lambermont and Leopoldine Gobert, and Charles Henry Sinz, the sixth of their seven children. (See Charles and his younger brother Robert.)Picture2
The two met while both were serving with the armed forces in the Panama Canal zone during World War II.
They married following the war in June of 1946 and settled in Butler, Pa. After waiting several years, they adopted a daughter, who they named Susan Corinne. Picture 2
In 1954, due to a shortage of work in Butler, the Sinz's moved to Lockport, New York, where Chuck went to work for Gascoyne Dairy.
Both Margret and Chuck loved to read, and spent long hours reading to their daughter. Chuck Margret
They also loved animals. Two of the favorite family pets were Pepper, a border collie shepherd mix, and Pete, the parakeet (who loved to drink beer if it was set down, eat Pizza, and walk across Cheerios in a dish!) Pepper and Pete
In 1959, Margret and Chuck finally were able to buy their home in Gasport, New York, where they would live for many years.
They had always wanted a large family, and when they weren't blessed with one naturally, they chose to share their home and love with foster children.
Chuck never grew to old to enjoy playing with the kids - or their toys!
Many children came to be a part of their family-some for only a short time, others until they were grown and on their own, but all loved dearly and never forgotten.
The first of them was Cynthia Ruggerio, a beautiful little blonde 2 year old, followed shortly by Tommy Thompson. Chuck and Tommy
Debra Thompson stayed with them for many years, growing from a quiet 2 year old into a rambunctious teenager! Cherie Mazzo became a member of the family at 4 years old and remained with the Sinz's through her teenage years, and Nancy Sczesniak remained through graduation from Royalton Hartland High School. Brothers Todd and Odie Prescott were native american indians who added all kinds of pleasure to the family group!
A lot of the time the house was full of happy children. Here, from left to right, are brothers Odis and Todd Prescott, Debra Thompson, Cherie Mazzo and Nancy Sczesniak, celebrating Nancy's birthday.

More Pictures of the kids:

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Margret and Chuck derived a great deal of pleasure from their many grandchildren, and liked nothing better than to have them spend time together. Often, they cared for some of them for months at a time, adding immeasurably to those childrens memories.

When retirement came upon them, Margret and Chuck moved to Sun City Center Florida, originally to care for Margrets foster parents, the Braunscheidals, and then to remain there among their new friends.