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A Tribute

With all my love and gratitude

Thank you for everything
In June of 1946, Charles Sinz married Margret Chrysler Saraw, and began a life together that would affect untold others.
Although neither will be remembered in history books or movies; although both were just "ordinary people", their story deserves to be told.
Within these pages you will find links to their genealogy, a photo album including many of their foster children, some of their favorite songs, Charles in his own words describing fond memories, and their biography.
On the STORY page you will find the story of their life together as well as MANY pictures. (Just click on the links to be taken to each photo)
Even if you were never acquainted with them, I believe you will enjoy their story.
This "little blue bus" was given to Charles as a Christmas gift in 1927. Since 1946, it has rested beneath the Christmas tree first in the Sinz household and now in the Woodby home every year.
It is my hope that it will continue to hold its place of honor for many years, following its journey through the homes of my children and grandchildren. Although just one small item, it is a tangible connection for all of them to their ancestors.

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